Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Brief Introduction

I'll blame this blog on Mandy, who three weeks ago told me I should have a blog. At the time I wasn't feeling like I'd be able to be one of those witty people that would attract blog followers in droves (Pioneer Woman, I am not).

But since Mandy said that, I've been thinking that maybe even if the droves of followers don't come, perhaps blogging is something worthy of doing.

It's not that I'm a complete novice to the blogosphere. I've posted a time or two on
LK's blog when I've had a rambling thought or two. And anyone that follows me on Twitter knows that if you linked my 2,600 140 character posts together it alone would equal a blog. But I've never really had a blog, my blog.

And so, here I am, blogging.

And who am I?

I'm the wife of a man who has loved me through the ups and downs of our 8+ year marriage. A man who I respect and love. I'm blessed to have him as my friend, partner and love.

I'm the mother of two amazingly curly-headed boys. Parenting isn't easy, and the fact that the younger is so much like his mother has presented new challenges, but it's a role that I wouldn't exchange. And the older they get, the better it is.

I'm a work from home travel agent who loves the challenge of putting travel packages together for my clients. It's like working a giant puzzle and every day is something new. But really I aim to keep work out of this as much as possible.

I'm a home improvement fiend. We bought a house two years ago and I've already redone the main bathroom, boys room and guest room. The hallway (my lovely silver hallway) is mostly done as well-- started too many projects at one time to get that one finished in a timely fashion. However, most of the remaining projects are requiring professional help. It's a new role for me - paying someone else to do the demolishing and re-creation; but I like it because I get to plan and then it's like magic and it's done. LK doesn't believe me when I tell him the saw dust is Pixie Dust. But it sure feels that way.

I love photography- when LK and I travel it's the main aim of our trip and our photographs have become the main souvenir we take back with us. Though currently I still use the "P" setting on my Cannon and would like to work towards a more fully manual setting. And I do enjoy tweaking the pictures once I've taken them. It's not that I don't like how they come out on their own, it's just I see tweaking as a furthering of the artistic process.

I am finally enjoying cooking. I hadn't really (ever) cooked before I got married and back then a "meal" was Hamburger Helper paired with a can of fruit cocktail. To me, cooking is one big science experiment. I don't follow the directions well (more I don't pre-read the recipes and thus are unprepared for following directions much of the time). Some times my science experiments are bad (and I mean substitute ranch dressing for milk or hot dog stew bad) and some times they're good (Like apple crisp I can't recreate because it I threw it together and can't remember how I did it- but was met with AMAZING acclaim by the guests). The last month I cooked only from
365 days with Rachel Ray. I wish it had pictures and don't believe them when they say it can be done in 30 minutes (they don't include the pre-prep time), but overall the outcome has been very very yummy. And none call for canned fruit cocktail.

And most recently, I'm a student of guitar. I've always seen myself as a guitarist, playing along with the
Indigo Girls or Ani DiFranco as I drive the kids to gymnastics in the mini van. But I was always too much of a perfectionist to try it. Until this year. This year I've hired a tutor and am working towards better combining the person I think I am with the person I am.

And I am an avid fan of the color turquoise.

So welcome to my complykated little world of apron and guitar strings. Please, make yourself at home.


Mandy said...

This is the first time I've read this! I'm glad I inspired you to start your blog, I've really been enjoying it!

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