Thursday, August 26, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

It's still pretty much project central around here but there's still at least time for a little RTT

What time is it: 949P

Where am I: in the living room on the couch, slipcovers off, room pretty well cleared, waiting for the new carpet to be installed tomorrow.

Listening to: The fan on my computer. I'm' not sure why it's going

Last ate: Thai food with LK, celebrating an attained work goal.

Thoughts: The last 28 days I've been rather silent, I know. But some of what's been going on is hard to just throw out there into the blogosphere.  I suppose the best way to describe the past 28 days is that of beginning a journey. I've been feeling something well up inside for the past 18 months- a call to .... well .... something. And up to a few weeks ago I've been running around trying to tag what I think that "something" is.

 And then I felt God call me to 40 days of dedicated prayer with him. The first few days -- oh dare I admit weeks?!-- were basically me coming to God with my version of how things should go, spoken in monologue form.

And then somewhere along the way I realized maybe I should give God a bit of time in the monversation I had created, so I started reading through Psalms, which has been nice.

And then this last weekend I met with 14 other women to begin training for the Continent Care Connection I will take part in come October. I think if this were a book, the past weekend would be one of the middle-of-the-book chapters. Things have happened before, and things are happening since, but that weekend was where something changed.

Prior to last weekend this welling-up, call-to-something was beginning to over take me. It was like my mom said to LK when I was preggo with Geo "when she starts to vacuum the lawn, you know it's time." I felt like I was ready to go vacuum the lawn. I just wanted an answer!

But last weekend I spent time in contemplative prayer. Time doing nothing but asking for the grace to know God and be known by Him. And it was life changing.

In sign language when you sign "change" one hand completely flips from the top to the bottom. That's what happened.  Do I still want to know what the "something" is - yes. But it's moved from a vacuuming the lawn, to peaceful anticipation.

Looking forward to where this all leads....

Friday, August 20, 2010

Random Thought Thursday + 1

I know! There was a time when you thought I wouldn't shut up and now here I am going days without a word.  But between work, getting kids ready for the start of school, and starting to toy with the idea of moving to a different house (which in turn means projects to the nth degree)-- blogging has moved down the list more than a few notches.

But here's my RTT on Friday-

What time is it: 1207P

Where am I: kitchen table, sitting under the new chandelier I installed last night

Listening to: Word Girl playing on the TV in the living room (ISH hasn't started school yet)

Last ate: Um with all the projecting I haven't been eating regular food just grabbing what I can when. I think the last thing I ate was probably yogurt. Or maybe it was the rice krispy treat, but I think it was yogurt.

It's hard to determine which was my worst idea of the week. It's probably a toss up between the spray paint and the paint stripper. But I am thankful for my dear LK who is not an "I told you so" sort of a guy, even when it is very very very very deserved.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random Thought Saturday or Thursday or Saturday ...

I just came back from a wedding, yes, on Thursday.  This has now totally screwed with my day-perception.  I want to turn on the TV to watch SNL and I'm looking forward to Pop Tart Day (that blessed day where the boys eat Pop Tarts and watch kid shows and I sleep in.  I believe it's know as the weekend to the rest of the world) but neither will happen.  Why?  Because it's Thursday.
I'm so confused.

In other news, happy birthday to my wonderful and loving LK.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Favorite

Mandy's Photo Challenge this week is our favorite from the summer.   There are several that I love from my family reunion, from the beach, and from girl's day out, but since I've posted those already, here's one of my favorites as well (it's like asking me to choose between my children!).  This was taken at Turner Falls on our way back from Texas, the girl is my niece's step-sister.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thoughts from ISH

So I wasn't able to do random thought Thursday this week but have no fear! ISH was full of random thoughts throughout the day today to make up for it.  Here's a sampling:

After overhearing a conversation between a man and a woman where the man says his cats are his children: That man says his cats are his children, that's silly.
(side note, yes the man heard)

After emerging from the bathroom: I wonder why they call it a neck.

During dinner: They really shouldn't have named an orange orange.  There was already a color that name.

After dinner: I really don't like it when I hear someone throw up
(side note, no one threw up at dinner, just so you know)

Before bed: When girl has a mommy she calls her Mother.

Yup, never a dull moment around here.

In other news, the "While you were out" project continues .... pictures to come when finished.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

When the Boys are Gone

Nine times out of ten when the boys are gone I turn the whole experience into an episode of While You Were Out and try to start and finish some project while they are gone.