Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Girls Day

Living in a house of all boys I don't often get to go all girly girly - I mean I still love makeup and nail polish, but there's no one living in my house that gets excited about that stuff with me (and really, I'm okay with that).  So, when my mom asked if I wanted to be part of the girl session of Grannie Camp (she had 3 sessions this summer, bless her heart) I jumped at the chance to go all frilly.

Our first stop was this great new shop in Edmond called Paint Your Art Out.  It's only been open since January and was so much fun I think I'll be going back there for some "me" time in the near future.  For our walk-in class one of the owners sketched out the picture from a wall of selections and then worked with the girls to show them techniques on how to paint it.

Our next stop was Edmond's Inspirations Tea Room where we wore fun hats and sipped tea under the frilly gazebo

And our final stop of the day: Sweet and Sassy Salon for some manis and pedis

well okay, the last stop of the day was actually Lowes, best to start these girls off knowing power tools and lipstick go well together.


Kayla said...

That looks so fun! I need to google that painting place!

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