Thursday, July 22, 2010

Random Thought Thursday: On the Road

What time is it: 1127P

Where am I: Great Wolf Lodge hotel room

Listening to: the people next to me (very clear the money put into this hotel was put into the amazing water park and not into soundproofing the walls/ceiling/floors)

Last ate: Spicy Dungeness crab legs from Joe's Crab Shack-- SEA forever altered my taste buds -- wish I had had the camera on when Dr_EAM was introducing the boys to crawfish. They were awed and terrified simultaneously.

Thoughts: This hotel lists "wireless" high speed internet access available in their hotel information guide. But I think it should list wireless "high speed" internet access because I know I'm wireless, the high speed part is up for debate. I've been very bad about posting my foodie friday information this month. It's not that we haven't been eating- just more that Fridays have seemed to end this month before they begin. With the rate of upload speeds here I'm sure it will be happening tomorrow either.  Forgive?

I'm on the road spending time with mom which is always nice and this time we're even managing to get to bed before 2am (so far). It's been so fun to watch the boys play at the water park and watch them work up the courage to ride the bigger slides and after the first round to declare "let's go again!" It's also been nice to spend some time with Dr_EAM and his lovely wife who's belly has just started to pop in a very cute way.

And, it's been fun to watch the male lifeguards this week too. It's cheer camp at the old lodge and there is a drastic difference between the stance and swagger of the guards before the girls get out of the clinic at 2pm and after. I try not to laugh.

And my dear friends, I leave you with this-

Girl in line at the top of the highest slide to Geo: Are you scared of heights?

Geo: I don't think so ... what do they look like?



Beth Zimmerman said...

That was a GREAT ending line! LOVED it!

Gena said...

So are you back from your trip yet? Sounds like fun, except for the being wet all day in a swimsuit thing...

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