Thursday, July 8, 2010

Random Thought Thursday: OUCH

What time is it: 1046A

Where am I: the couch watching two cardinals play in the trees outside (I so love that we moved the bookcase to add in this window).

Listening to: Nothing. Boys are at Grannie camp.  House is quiet.  It's fabulous.

Last ate: a mixture of strawberries, walnuts, plain yogurt, all bran buds, and brown sugar. (You do know that I time this blogging session just right so that I can appear to be some granola-loving health nut.  Give me time though, the day is still young to and begging to be filled with less healthy food choices. Oh how I wish I was not a junk food kid!)

Thoughts: The boys may be gone, but that hasn't prevented LK and I from keeping their new favorite word alive and well. The word? Touché. And no, they have no clue what it means.  I think they heard it on Phineas and Ferb once and liked the way it sounds.  So it doesn't matter what is said, one of them is bound to chime in with "Touché" at the end of the sentence.  In fact, one afternoon ISH called from the bathroom to the three of us sitting at the kitchen table "Hey you guys," he yelled (which we could hear because the bathroom door was left open). "You guys, Touché!"  Which is then followed by extreme sport giggling. Too cute.

With the boys gone, it might surprise you that I have no major project to undertake, which, as it turns out, is well planned since I tried to take off my left index finger while helping my SIL hang a chandelier in the nursery on Tuesday.


Oh gee! Wow I should have probably put a parental discretion on that before posting.  But thankfully I called the ever helpful Dr_EAM who walked me through assessing if I should seek in-person medical attention or not. Thankfully it wasn't bad enough to go to the ER but is a good one!

I'm feeling the need to make chipotle chocolate lime cupcakes.  Like I said, plenty of time left in the day to eat what is not best.


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