Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Rocket's Red Glare

Okay, our rockets might not have had a glare to when they went off, but it still was fun.  This year at Padre, my MIL decided that on the night each family cooked, they needed to have an activity as well.  On the night MIL and FIL cooked, their activity was rockets!

While ISH seems a bit skeptical that duct tape, plastic tubing, a pop bottle, and a few pages from a magazine could be fun-

It certainly was!


And not just for the kids

And ISH warmed up to it.  And even started running a victory lap after each explosion

But you have to be careful, rocket launching comes with inherent danger

A good time was had by all (and in case you're wondering, the poses my boys have in this picture totally crack me up!)

Happy 4th,


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