Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday- after a busy week

I turned back on the NetNews Reader tonight to catch up after stepping away from it for the past few days and saw this post on LK's blog.

I made the mistake of watching the video with the boys around who immediately started questioning why this was making me cry.

Geo turned to ISH and said "I guess some people cry because they see two people kiss and it's just so sweet." He said in that almost mocking-overly-sweet-tone.

ISH looked at Geo and in all seriousness replied "And some people cry because something is so beautiful."

Warning- grab a box of tissues before clicking play


DPM said...

ISH is going to win their hearts.

Luke Hartman said...

He's so insightful :-)

The video makes me wish nearly everyone could have their proposals secretly recorded. Be good to go back and watch/remember every now and then.

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