Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Advice Needed: Home Addition

love my backyard and I love how close we are to LK's work.  And, for the most part, this house fits us well.  Well- it would have fit us well had I not bought the most amazing dining room table shortly after we moved in that can seat all of us and my in laws (and did I mention it's amazingly beautiful).  But it's slightly too big for my current dining room.

Because of my backyard (terraced down to a creek) we can't build back and because of my roof line (modern and low with a quiet shout out to the Frank Lloyd Wright) we can't build up- but about a year ago I discovered my garage is fully in front of my house which gives me 21 feet in the front of my house to my build line.  Jack pot!

And while this addition may never happen, I am extremely visual which has thus lead to an obsession with Google sketchup.  And so, I've created three different options of what the addition could be. 

Our house is currently a 3 bed/ 2 bath with a kitchen/dining, a living room and a laundry room.  It's a great NSBH layout with lots of storage.  And the addition would call to the NSBH feeling and not take away from it.  We're talking less than 21 feet in front, not a totally crazy, ostentatious building project.

LK and I are in total agreement on the layout of the dining room (easy because it's a pretty open square), and what we would do with the extra space in the kitchen once the dining room is there, but the addition of the dining room leads to an option to add a 4th bedroom on the front as well.  And this has caused some discussion.

If we add a 4th bedroom, do we need a bath as well?  The other bathrooms are not close to the new dining room or 4th bedroom and are in a more "private" area of the house, that will only be more private with the addition.  Is 8'3" for an office too small?  Is more room in the guest room/ office worth only having a powder bath?

So ... here's where you come in.  Here are three options of what we could do with the 14' x 10' space to the east of the could-be-new-entry-hall.  If you walked into these spaces, which would you be more willing to buy?  Which do you think adds more value?  Comments, thoughts, suggestions, please.

Option 1: Guest room/ office with 30" door way (with french doors) and a closet, plus a bathroom with 32" x 32" shower, toilet and pedestal sink.  The line in front of the sofa is how for the sofa bed would extend into the room when open.  The two "blocks" in front of the sofa are storage ottomans that would fit beside the sofa when the bed is extended.  The square beside the closet door is a desk for me to work from (since I work from a laptop and don't have too much paper, I don't need that much space).
Because of the closet, window, and door, this room could be (if we ever decided to move) be marketed as a 4th bedroom, office, den, etc.  Though of course it would be the smallest bedroom in the house with it's narrowest part measuring 8'3" x 10'.

Option 2: Larger 4th bedroom/ office with the narrowest part measuring 9' 7" x 10'.  This room would, like option 1 have a 30" doorway and a closet thus making it a viable 4th bedroom/ guest room/ den/ office, etc.  But to give more room to the room we'd only be able to a powder room.  To make the powder room work, the sink would be wall mounted that extends about 11 inches so it would really be a hand washing only sink, not wash your face kind of a place.  Because of the shape of the room, my desk would have to be in front of the couch so no movable ottomans. 

Option 3: This option, to maximize space, takes the wall off the between the hall and the 4th room making it only a den/ office - it could not be marketed as a 4th bedroom.  Because of this, I've taken the closet out as well.  Since we'd only need a small place for guests to hang one or two outfits (our overnight guests are mainly my parents for a night or two), I have an 18 x 24 pantry beside my desk in the alcove.  Because the "no door" layout of the room takes the privacy factor away, I've added a small dressing area just outside of the 32" x 32" shower.

Discuss  :)


Tarren and Erin said...

I like Option 3 because if I lived in this house, and since this room is separate from the rest of the bedrooms, I would most likely use it as an office/guest room. I think an extra full bathroom that is more roomy is better than a powder room and a closet in the office. I would still try to work in the french doors on the office though so that your guests can have some privacy.

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest said...

I like 3 because space is tight and having a full closet might be a waste of space. If you ever sell the house you could add doors to market is as a 4th bedroom. You might also consider adding a beautiful curtain that can be tied back when no privacy is needed.

Kayla said...

I am torn. I know I wouldn't care if rooms weren't able to be considered "bedrooms". I would make it an office, craft room, or playroom. People wanting it as a nursery or guest room also don't really need a closet because wardrobe's/dressers work just as well for the amount of clothes they would have.

I will say I would def leave the french doors though. I would want to be able to shut the mess out of sight or give privacy in the actual room.

The powder room vs. full bath I keep going back and forth on. If people plan to have guests often then a full bath would be necessary but the majority of buyers would prefer more room and just have a powder room I would think? If a guest stays and wants to shower, it wouldn't be too hard for them to go to another bathroom just to shower.

So, I think more space and no shower would appeal to MOST buyers (those wanting an office/playroom) as well as no closet if that provides more room. Like the desk going where the closet would be and giving you room for shelves or an armoire/dresser. Did this make sense?! It's very hard for me to make a decision unless I'm standing in the room! Ha.

Have fun deciding! If you need recommendations on people who can do this job I would suggest DJ and his dad Dan Johnson (Karyn's hub). They did our sunroom and master bath and always gave me good quotes! Not to mention they did it right and are trustworthy!

Christine said...

I like option 1. Now, you need to know that we have lots of overnight guests through the year and the occasional student who needs to stay a whole week for a course. Such a space would be ideal for a family like ours (fortunately, we have one upstairs where our oldest son lives...he has to give it up when we have longer staying guests).

Having a teen, I can say I would definitely give a room like that to him.

I can imagine a time when a parent might need to live with us and your option 1 would work best.

I am not personally invested in which option you choose, but I think #1 could have appeal to a number of types of buyers.

This was kind of a fun adventure, and definitely a great distraction from the bad movie I am enduring with my younger son. Something about a comic book come to life...Veritas is the hero and lies kill him.

ComplyKated said...

Thanks everyone for the great advice. It's helpful to see this through fresh eyes.

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