Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random Thought Thursday: Oh Now! That's Just Silly!

What time is it: 956P

Where am I: kitchen table, back home again.

Listening to: the Curious George alarm clock tick. It just went off in the boys room and we had to remove it to keep it from going off again. Thankfully no boys awoke. When was it they found the batteries and put it back in that thing? My find better battery hiding place.

Last ate: Bagel bites (family game night tradition) and Lemon Pecan cookies

Thoughts: When Geo watches Curious George, I will occasionally hear him say out loud "Oh now that's just silly!" And it's at that point that I want to stop him and ask exactly what was it that warranted such a remark since obviously a man who wears only yellow living with his scientifically advanced monkey in a New York City apartment who is friends with a doorman's dog and a Italian chef's cat and who visits the country on the weekends where he races worm is quite normal.

And while we're on the subject, am I the only one who never caught the connection between The Man with the Yellow Hat and Ross from friends? It's so clear- works in a museum ... lives in NYC ... is socially awkward ... has a pet monkey ... why didn't I see it before!


Dan Lovejoy said...

I just thought to myself, "The man with the yellow hat doesn't have a pet monkey. What's she talking abou...." Ahh..

Kendra said...

Brilliant! :-) Never made that connection before, but it's quite wonderful. Thanks for the giggle.

Chellie said...

Never made the connection, but totally see it now. We watch that show with Brixton and I think it's silly too

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