Monday, July 5, 2010

And It Only Took 8 Month

We've been joking for sometime now that ISH has taken a Nazarite vow seeing as how he hasn't let us cut his hair in 8 months.  So I'm not sure what it means that after a week studying Sampson in VBS he decides NOW he wants his hair cut. 
But hey!  We'll take it.



I know it's short, but I was going on the assumption it could very well be another 8 months before he allows this again.


Summer said...

Must be a Millican thing. I have to coax Eric into cutting his hair every time. It usually takes a week or two of him saying, "I guess it's time to cut my hair" before it happens.

DPM said...

I was sad too. He looks so much older! But still VERY cute.

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