Thursday, July 15, 2010

Random Thought Thursday: Country Music

What time is it: 1113P

Where am I: sitting on the living room floor- too dirty to allow myself to sit on the furniture, wearing my painting clothes (this shirt bears witness to every room I've painted since my first home.

Listening to: Fraiser reruns

Last ate: eating Butter Pecan ice cream LK ran out to buy as a post-painting treat

Thoughts: I've been spending much time in the garage painting doors and for some reason when I'm working like this I listen to country music. So here's what I know after several hours in the garage- country music singers are born with an understanding of how to love God and their country but they seem a bit ignorant as to how to love women.


meggo said...

You are the Project Queen.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for leading me to an epiphany about country music. Hilarious and true!

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