Sunday, June 13, 2010

Life's a Beach

One of our family traditions is to kick off summer with a stay at the beach. While I'm not a fan of the 12 hours it takes to get there, I am a fan of spending time with my family and watching the boys play together in the sand- digging holes is apparently the coolest thing ever.

My boys hard at work

And hard at play 
(Geo spent most of his time in the water- way out with his aunts and uncle so not as many pictures of him at play on the beach this year ... he's getting so big!)

Geo catching up on some summer reading

One of my in-laws favorite beach activities is flying kites

pictures of the dolphin cruise and rocket launchers to come later 
(don't worry, we weren't launching the rockets at the dolphins)

Oh and, it's a good thing Gena's family wasn't there or she might have come home with yet another pet.


Katherine said...

Gorgeous images...makes me want to go to the beach :( But it's soo cold here in Australia.

K xx --

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