Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dr_EAM's Graduation

In August 2006 we were able to go to St Louis and cheer on Dr_EAM at Wash U's white coat ceremony, the way they intitate these newbie medstudents into life that will lead them to (hopefully) becoming doctors. And a few weeks ago, we were able to go back and celebrate with Dr_EAM and my lovely SIL as he graduated from medical school.

In 06 we took a picture of Geo with Dr_EAM's new white coat, so we thought it only right to let Geo wear the graduation gown as well.

And the evening after graduation we celebrated with some of the cake Kristen (Dr_EAM and SIL's wonderful neighbor who I would gladly welcome into my neighborhood if her MD/PHD program would be so kind as to work out the commuting schedule) made.  Yummy.

And, I was finally able to give Dr_EAM the lego name plate I'd designed when he started the program.  I was even able to find a little lego guy that looked sort of like him.  I wish we could have found a lego white coat or graduation gown, but the M on the shirt worked great for what was available.

While there the boys also proved my theory.  I've always said boys are the most creative creatures in the world- and mine proved it by occupying themselves with the joy that is a 1920's laundry shoot.  They literally played non-stop for 2 hours with the thing- sticking shoes, dirty clothes and anything else we didn't catch them with before hand down the shoot.  We were just thankful that they and the dog were too big to fit through the initial opening.

Congratulations to the now official Dr_EAM.  Looking forward seeing where the adventure takes you from here.


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