Sunday, June 27, 2010

Photo Challenge: Food

Mandy's photo challenge this week is food.  And those of you who have been reading this blog longer than a week have probably been able to figure out that food is one of the things I photograph most.  But here's a photo of food that I'm pretty sure I've yet to post.  It was from when I made the Pampered Chef confetti recipe for our small group Bible study.  Dripping chocolate- kinda makes you want to reach in there, grab to spoon and start licking.


Angie said...

This week's contest was such a bad idea. Hope that dress still fits me in October...

ComplyKated said...

I know. Sadly I did not have this dessert around now so all I can do is look at the pic and drool. ;)

Congrats on the upcoming event!

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