Thursday, June 24, 2010

Random Thought Thursday: Projects

What time is it: 841A

Where am I: living room couch

Listening to: ISH try and explain Lego Star Wars to me

Last ate: a plum from my backyard :)

Thoughts: I don't care if your partner is Ghandi, if you take a project that requires exact measurements and add to it a late night, an Oklahoma summer, Memphis-like humidity, and dive bombing june bugs, you'll end up with a pretty good argument. Bar none.


Kayla said...

haha. What was the fun project!?! Maybe save it for Spring or Fall!!

ComplyKated said...

I'm working on my bedroom as the larger project (though the water damage from the monsoon has delayed finishing some of the room). This particular project is sprucing up the doors into the bathroom. Since we have a sheet up for a door now, I'd like to finish it before fall. I think the key is to better pick when I start the large project.

ptagoddess said...

Be patient, be patient, don't be in such a hurry.... ;o)

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