Friday, August 20, 2010

Random Thought Thursday + 1

I know! There was a time when you thought I wouldn't shut up and now here I am going days without a word.  But between work, getting kids ready for the start of school, and starting to toy with the idea of moving to a different house (which in turn means projects to the nth degree)-- blogging has moved down the list more than a few notches.

But here's my RTT on Friday-

What time is it: 1207P

Where am I: kitchen table, sitting under the new chandelier I installed last night

Listening to: Word Girl playing on the TV in the living room (ISH hasn't started school yet)

Last ate: Um with all the projecting I haven't been eating regular food just grabbing what I can when. I think the last thing I ate was probably yogurt. Or maybe it was the rice krispy treat, but I think it was yogurt.

It's hard to determine which was my worst idea of the week. It's probably a toss up between the spray paint and the paint stripper. But I am thankful for my dear LK who is not an "I told you so" sort of a guy, even when it is very very very very deserved.


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