Sunday, February 6, 2011

Crafting My Way Through Cabin Fever

With massive amounts of snow on the ground

and temperatures too cold to enjoy outside,

we spent hour upon hour of family time together last week.  While trapped inside, I decided to shear trim the dog, which in hind-sight was possibly not the best thing to do with it being so cold outside

And while there were times of game playing, times tv/netflix watching ... or at least until the cable went out from the snow... which lead to times of boys running wild through the house like wolf-raised-heathens, and times of blissful naps, there was also times of me keeping myself from this

by unpacking boxes, setting up more of New House, and crafting!  Below are some of the projects that I started this week which still remain in various stages of unfinished.  Hopefully it won't require another week-long blizzard to finish these.

In one of the boxes I found the map I used to get around Memphis when we first moved there (pre-GPS days) and I immediately knew where it needed to go- decoupaged inside the windows from our Memphis house

And I prepared the house address to put with the map (I need two more Es so this project remains open)

Then I set to work with left over pieces of tile from Old House, shadow boxes, packing foam, and hot glue.

This one didn't turn out quite like I had in mind in that when it's hanging I can still seem some of the foam but late last night I think I came up with a solution... which I haven't yet implemented.

And then there is the bucket.  I read about someone doing this and 1) I need a trash can for my office and 2) I have lots of 5 gallon buckets lying around from painting New House, so I got out paint and scrap fabric and set to work

Early this morning (since church has been postponed until 1:30pm) I decoupaged the fabric to the bucket.

Once it's all dry I'll paint a little more on it and then it will be all set to go when the office turns from this
into an actual space for productive work.

Were you trapped inside this week?  How'd you pass the time?


Donna said...

Great projects! I spent five days recovering over 28,000 (yes, that number is correct) photos into a new program; naming and organizing about 10,000 photos on a hard drive so I can see which of the 28,000 need to be downloaded; trying to figure out how best to back up/save/organize all of these that will make sense.

Should we get snowed in next week (a distinct possibility) I will tackle the photos in albums...this could take awhile!

The A Team said...

I spent my week trapped inside crocheting (who knew?) and catching up on my blog. Which brings me to this...I always read yours and want to "follow" it officially, but i don't see a trusty "follow" button. Help? And I can't wait to see pictures of your new house!

Kayla said...

OMGoodness I want to steal that idea for my craftroom trashcan!!!

ComplyKated said...

Aud- the blog should have a follow button on it now. Thanks for pointing out that wasn't there. And now that I know you have a blog ....

Kayla- I have a 5 gallon bucket with your name all over it once I finish using all the paint in it (which I hope is sooner rather than later)

(Florida) Girl said...

I featured you today on my blog!

ComplyKated said...

Wow. Thanks! I'm opening my feed reader now to check it out.

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