Thursday, March 10, 2011

Random Thought Thursday: Thankful

What time is it: 115P

Where am I: the lobby of a local business

Listening to: a person applying for a job speaking with someone about positions open. Getting the ins and outs of the business.

Thoughts: I'm waiting in the lobby while one of the kids has an appointment. Over the last month the main thing I've learned is to grab time as it comes. I'm still working (and working full time) but instead of sitting in my office to work, many times these days it's done from the front seat of the car as I wait in carpool lines or, like today, in random places when I'm able to pick up a wifi signal. Today, I'm thankful for unprotected wifi.

I woke up this morning thinking the day would be a series of one appointment to another. But my 10 o'clock (that was 30 minutes away and schedule exactly 30 minutes after ISH went to school) had to reschedule. Today I'm thankful for unexpected time.

I left piles of dishes used in preparation for dinner in the sink as I ran from home to this appointment. Today I'm thankful for LK who helps around the house making so much of my life possible.

What are you thankful for today?


Gena said...

I just learned of the dangers of unprotected wifi and have now given it a passcode. So don't even try any of your cruising and surfing shenanigans over here missy.....

ComplyKated said...

I know I know. And I feel bad saying I'm thankful for something that could lead to harmful things. But does it help to know I use my powers for good instead of evil?

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