Thursday, May 5, 2011


I was cleaning out the garage yesterday - moving things from place to place trying to clean up the aftermath of our half-year-back move.  While I'm working ISH looks at me from his spot on the floor where he had spent the last half-hour coloring.  "Wow Mommy.  You've moved a lot of stuff.  That's some hard work .... (wait for it)... for a woman."


So I'm not sure who of you out there taught him this or thinks it's funny. ... But I have my guesses .... and you're all in trouble!


Chellie said...

So funny!!

ComplyKated said...

It really was like he had dropped so horrible cuss word. "What did you say?" "Where have you heard that?" "Who have you heard saying things like that?"

I expected him to blame Schwartz.

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