Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Closest I Ever Got to Mardi Gras

***Warning- I am unsure if my mother knows this story but I'm fairly certain the statute of limitations has run out on it. If I happen to be wrong- Mom, please forgive.***

The closest I ever got to Mardi Gras was my freshman year in college.  The Saturday before Mardi Gras my friend A (whose mother hated/hates me for all the crazy things I talked this small town girl into doing in the name of college freedom) and I decided it was perfectly reasonable (okay probably I decided and convinced A it was a good idea) that two 19-year-old girls could drive from Oklahoma City to New Orleans, sleep in their car (to save money of course-- see logical thinking here), and then attend the Mardi Gras festivities the following day.  We would be perfectly safe.

When we ran this idea by A's boyfriend at the time, he was less than impressed with our creative plan for fun.  He, who was the "chaperone" on my roommate's tattooing adventure down to Dallas, decided the plan would be much safer if he was there to at least sleep in the car with us.

Brilliant.  It was decided we would leave Monday morning.

Only then did we check the calendar to realize that Mardi Gras had been the week before.

The Lord protects the stupid that's for sure!



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