Saturday, March 6, 2010

Stream of Conscious Saturday

I have several friends who partake in Random Thought Thursday. Being new to the blogosphere I'm not sure if this is something lots of people do or just them. But it's a fun little peak inside their head once a week.

But when I try to think of something for Random Thought Thursday I'm reminded of my 9th grade English teacher (aka She who shall not be mentioned). One thing we did in her class that still lives in my mind is a stream of conscious writing exercise where for a set period of time we were not allowed to lift our pencil from the paper. If we couldn't think of something to write we had to write "Hit a road block" until we came up with whatever it was we were searching for.

And since every Thursday, when I see the Random Thoughts Thursday posting, I think of this exercise, I feel it only appropriate to give you, Stream of Conscious Saturday (SoCoS for short -- ahh how cute. Maybe I'll design a button around it).

On SoCoS LK will give me the first topic to come to his mind and I will blog for three minutes and thirty seven seconds without stopping. If I can't think of something I'll type "hit a road block" until I come up with it- no post editing allowed. Who knows, this could crash and burn, or you might all find out some really strange things about me.

Topic: Boots

Puss and Boots, never read the book. I don't think- maybe mom read it to me?  But it was in Shrek right hit a road block hit a road block who was that actor hit a road block sexy Italian? no Spanish hit a road block anyway hit a road block hit a road block I have several pair- gave the brown away because they ripped- cheap target boots hit a road block but my new black ones are the best because they are 3 inches in the heel which makes me tall as LK. Rock on. hit a road block hit a road block What is the song these boots are made for walking really about? GoGo boots rock. I need to find me some- maybe really maybe not hit a road block hit a road block hit a road block My boys wear boots all the time. I bought some rain boots like them too the other day. I wore them when I fixed the drainage problem in our back yard- head down a 4 ft hole and a client called. Um can I call you back? I'm kind of up side down in a hole right now - for real- he was young and from California so it was cool. But now I look at the boots and think about my rock on drainage solving skills. I took pics of the boots when I was done because they were all dirty and proved the work i had done. i was proud. hit a road block hit a road block

Next week LK and I have decided to try the same topic. (yes, we are nerds).

Happy SoCoS writing.


Rita said...

Well, you may be nerds, but at least you are very entertaining nerds! :D

Happy Saturday!!!

Maria said...

Hi, that was a great read. SoCos writing? That might be a good idea for me too. I am really enjoying your visits to my blog and your wonderful comments. Please do keep on coming. And me? I'll be back again and again....

ComplyKated said...

Yes, please feel free to write a SoCoS post too. Then post a link in the comments- I'd love to see what you write.

Gena said...

I love this idea. Feel free to participate in Random thoughts Thursday. I think a year ago was my first one and I swore I would never let a Thursday pass without one. Whoops. Definitely have. I will be partaking in SoCos soon.

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