Saturday, May 1, 2010

SoCoS: Score

It's SoCoS time children. I found this fabulous site that generates random nouns. I think I'll be using this for more SoCoS topics because it's hard to come up with truly random nouns just between LK and myself. So this week's randomly generated word is Score.

Ready and go:

I've never been much of a team sports player- well much of a sports player at all to tell you the truth. I get my competitive drive met in other areas, like school. I would always compete with Aaron Loney for grades in high school. I guess I should thank him for my graduating with honors.

Hit a road block. Hit a road block. I hate it when guys say "Score!" like some surfer. They sound so stupid.

Stupid has become a nap time word in my house now that the word police live with me. But I've told the boys that they can ask me the meaning of any word even if they think it's bad and we will talk about it- trying to foster open communication. This worked well with easy to define words, until Geo heard a girl in his grade say the F word. I don't know what the situation was, but he knew it was an off limits word even before asking me. But, following my open invitation, he asked anyway because he was curious.< "It means," I said, "that I don't like you and I really want to hurt your feelings."

Thank you Arthur.

Now it's your turn. If you'd like to participate in a little SoCoS action here are your guidelines: Write for 3:37 without stopping. If you can't think of what to write, write "hit a road block" over and over again until something comes to mind. When you're done- post a link to your SoCoS writing as a comment to this post.

Looking forward to see what you all have to say


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