Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Alan Bastyr

It's hard to describe Alan if you don't know him. He's a man I've known since I was in junior high. He's blind. And on most days I'd tell you that he's out of his mind!

I mean let's face it, this 50 something year old man goes around singing songs like Fishcakes and Heads while giving "Head Squishes" and calling young kids "Characters." You just kind of have to know Alan to get him I suppose.

But today, he turned on the serious side and blew us all away as he sang solo in the St. Anne's Church in Jerusalem.

I wasn't there when Dad and Alan were first talking with the fathers but apparently the song Holy City came up and Alan mentioned he had known it, but hadn't sung it since he was 16.  The fathers didn't have the song in braille but they made a copy for Dad and as Dad mumbled the words to Alan, he was able to remember the song.

Here is Alan singing Holy City (he was pretty excited to be able to, as he said, Sing Holy City in the Holy City).

And here is his encore!



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