Wednesday, April 11, 2012


That pretty well describes what's been rolling across this here blog lately.

After spending almost two weeks in Israel it's been catch up since I've been back. Which has, in turn, meant falling into bed rather tired at the end of the day.

 If only the suitcase would unpack itself and the laundry move itself over. Oh and if the chicken could get itself out of the freezer in time to be defrosted for dinner, that would be fab too. (No, actually chicken that can, at will emerge from the freezer would totally creep me out!).

One place I have tried to post lately is on my blog dedicated to thankfulness.

If you're looking for snapshots into my life, it won't have the crazy quips from the boys, but it will, hopefully, give you a sense of my life and what I'm thankful for in it (both the good and the why now moments).

Check it out and share the thankfulness.



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