Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Complexity of Genealogy

Perhaps it all the talk of genealogy with Mom going through all of Grandma's stuff lately or if it's something they've been talking about in school, but Geo has a sudden interest in where he came from.

"So," he began as we were driving, "I'm part German."

"Yes," I replied. "Your Great-Great-Great Granddad immigrated from Germany."

"And I'm part Irish."

"Well Scot-Irish according to the priest I met in Ireland."

"And I'm part French."

"Yes, Great-Grannie's family is from France."

"And Daddy's part British. That's why I can speak like Harry Potter so well."

(Non-commentating silence)

"So then ...." he paused pensively, "What's ISH?"

"ISH?!" I replied, looking at LK, "ISH is your biological brother."



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