Saturday, April 14, 2012

You know it's time for a weather radio when

You reassure your eldest before bed- no need to worry baby. No anxiety. If there are tornadoes. If we need to take cover, they'll sound the alarm and we'll do our plan. It will be okay- that's why the make the sirens so loud. But then at 2:30AM, when the same said child comes into your bedroom, waking you from the dead. Telling you the sirens are sounding, you reply Shhh. Shhh sweet boy. Get into bed. That's not the sirens. And you roll over and go back to sleep. But oh yes, it was. Weather radio app loaded. Volume set on loud. If there are storms tonight- we'll be better prepared.


Chellie said...

Good idea -- the sirens are considered to only be an outdoor warning system -- so it's good to have an alternate plan.

Gena said...

Yes, I bought a $10 app on my phone that is supposed to alert me to severe weather. A strange man's voice startles me out of bed when it comes on, so it will most likely kill me from a heart attack at some point.

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