Saturday, September 29, 2012

CCC Days 1/2

Last night I boarded a plan bound for Sao Paulo, Brazil with 16 other women, the "team" for this year's Great Cities Missions Continent Care Connection Renewal.

We arrived early this morning with everyone having made it to Dallas in time for the flight, our flight taking off pretty close to on time (a miracle in itself considering we're on American Airlines and a plane was double parked behind us so we couldn't leave straight away), all of multiple pieces of luggage arriving without damage, and with breezing our way through the passport control and customs lines (no one so much as their purse looked at!)

We enjoyed our customary cheese bread (yum!) and coffee while ladies exchanged money,

and met up with our final team member who lives in Brazil.

We've changed hotels this year from what we've had in the past and let me just say that this place is the definition of renewal- what a breath of fresh, beautiful air!

After a bit of lunch, and some downtime around the hotel and on the beach, we began to organize the participants' bags complete with goodies from the states.

We're all so ready for them to come Monday!!!



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