Friday, September 7, 2012

George's Thoughts on the Existence of Santa Claus

****** It's been a while since I've posted anything about Agatha the Gift Bearing Beagle, so if you've forgotten or you need Agatha explained, take a minute to refresh, it will make this post make more sense. ******

Geo has been spending a lot of time reading Calvin and Hobbes.  He likes to read them out loud to us as we're in the car which is rather unfortunate because so much of the comic, like his other favorite, The Far Side, needs to be seen to be fully understood.  But he's reading so we're happy. 

But the real problem with Calvin and Hobbes is that it introduces some pretty big areas of question for his growing mind.  And I'm not referring to communism, capitalism, or the differences between boys and girls- I'm referring to questions about Santa.

So the other day in the ISH and Geo are whispering in the back of the car, and suddenly, in a bit of a panic ISH states: Geo says that Santa's not real!

Me: Geo?  Did you tell him that?

Geo: Yes.

Me: Why?

Geo: Because he's not.

Me: Oh? Where did you hear that?

ISH: So he is real? (and he turns to give a smug look to his brother)

Me: I'm didn't say that, I'm just asking who told him that.

Geo: No one.  I just figured it out by myself.

Me: So you're saying there's no such thing as Santa or Agatha or.....

Geo: Oh no!  Agatha's real.  It's just Santa who's made up.



Gena said...

I love it that I can hear every nuance in their voices as they have this discussion. Well, knowing your thoughts on Santa, I'm sure you can't be that devastated. Right? Glad Agatha escaped unscathed.

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