Wednesday, October 10, 2012

CCC Days 7 and 8

Thursday morning the few, the proud, the brave, joined our resident fitness trainer, Stephanie, on the beach for a 6AM workout out.

Then the majority of the day was spent in classes, Connection Groups, and more time with God in silence and solitude.

But we also made time for some relaxing fun

And then on Thursday night it was time to really let our hair down and celebrate the week.  Doesn't Val look lovely in the bows she made from all the gifts that were donated for the missionary women!

 The candy from the states is always a big hit at the end of CCC party.

As are the skits that each Connection group puts on.

 Friday was our final day with the ladies which meant crunch time for the DVDs we were making of the pictures and the lessons to give to the ladies before they left.  Thankfully the process went so very much smoother than it did last time.

Friday is also a very special time when the team members gather and wash the feet of the missionary women.  It's a time when we show our thankfulness for the service they do for the kingdom and a time when they practice being able to receive a gift of service from someone else (something that does not come easily for women on the field).

 After the footwashing we surrounded the women and prayed over them.  We prayed for the journey home, for their re-entry back into their work, for peace, for guidance, and for them to remember the lessons of God's love that they learned this week.

Before we  knew it, it was time to say goodbye.

I'm so very thankful for the gift of having another year with these beautiful women.  They are amazing warriors for God and full of his love and grace.  I hope to see them all again soon but know that even if I don't we will continue to be connected through this week we have spent together.



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