Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CCC Day 8

Our final day with the women.  Before they left we wanted to remind them that, as one participant said, sometimes they need to be washing feet, but sometimes they need to have their feet washed.

And we wanted to have one final time of worship together.

But after all that calm and quiet wrap up was finished- my fellow photographer and myself took on the mountain of a task of downloading the pictures and videos from the week onto the participants computers.

And burning CDs for the ones without computers.  All with only 1 1/2 hours before the bus arrived to take the ladies to the airport.

By the time the bus arrived we were short only two CDS, so we advised two ladies with computers how to initiate a burn CD while sent them all on their way, 3 hours north to the airport.

So far, we've only learned of one CD and one computer that had only 1 file on them (instead of the almost 1000 pictures and roughly 13 videos it should have had!)  I figure 2 out of 41 isn't too bad.  But here's to hoping they are the only ones.

When the bus arrived to take the women back to the Sao Paulo airport, it was time for final goodbyes.

It was truly a blessing to spend time with such amazing women.


Valerie said...

Looked at the pictures on Jennifer's computer today--they look awesome! Thanks for the awesome (and unique) ministry of providing the records of the week for us.

Hate to be Debbie Downer but we did notice that she's missing the Thursday sessions. What would be the best way to get them?

ComplyKated said...

We didn't get those rendered in time to put on the computers. I believe they will be posted to a webspace (to be determined) and you all will be able to download them from there.

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