Thursday, October 14, 2010

Random Thought Thursday: Edmond-centric Me

What time is it: 1013A

Where am I: in the living room with the backdoor open, enjoying the cool, crisp, fall weather

Listening to: The clock tick beside the computer reminding me that I still have work to catch up on- still have things waiting to be accomplished today.

Last ate: Oh dear, well, to be honest I think it was cold, leftover, Chick-fil-a nuggets ISH didn't want to eat last night. I'm sure three days from now he will remember them and want them and I will (again) have to admit that I ate them instead. I'm sure this is in some way giving my children a complex we will have to deal with in therapy later on, but then, I mean really, would the chicken still be good when he comes around to remembering it?

Thoughts: I've never considered myself to be Edmond-centric, or Oklahoma-centric, or even USA-centric.

I've traveled enough to know there are other people out there. Other people who do things differently than I do, other people who matter just as much as I do.

And yet, when I was at the Continent Care Connection, I found myself face to face with my own Edmond-centric thoughts.

Maybe it was because the first time I heard "God of This City" it was when my church was preparing for a work down in my city and so the words were clearly being applied to my life here. Or maybe it's because I had never been in another city and heard this song sung.

But on the opening day of our time with the ladies in South American, when they sang God of This City, I realized they weren't singing about Edmond, or Oklahoma. They were singing about the places they lived. They were singing about the work they are doing and the ways they are witnessing God move in their cities. And like that I felt a deep connection with the women there.

We may not all live in the same city- even the 17 women from the Connection Team don't live in the same city let alone the 41 participants. But we all witness the same God move in amazing ways where we are.

So when I came back I knew this song needed to be added to the way I now see not only Brazil, but also the way I see the numerous other places these women came from. Their mission is now deeply within my heart- the same mission I have here in my city- to show others how great the love of God is- how much he wants to be in our lives. To show them that no matter the city, He is God.


Texas Cookie Jar said...

oh my goodness, Kate... you have captured the week, the women, and the Spirit of our CCC renewal! Thank you thank you for sharing your gift of photography with us.

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