Monday, October 4, 2010

So close and yet...

I am in Brazil. I am three hours south of Sao Paulo. I have been praying for this time with these women for almost 1 year. I am excited to be here and see the amazing ways God is moving. I feel peace here and know this is where I am suppose to be.

But five hours to the other side of Sao Paulo a friend of mine is sleeping in a Brazilian hospitial with his wife. She delivered twins last night very prematurely. From what I heard this morning the she is doing well and will be doing so much better tomorrow when her parents arrive.

The babies are in NICU (thankfully they are at the best one in their town) and while they are crying and breathing, the first 72 hours are the most vital.

It's hard to be so close (compared to myraids of people in Oklahoma who wish they were as close as I am right now), and yet to be so far away. One of their fellow team members and many other women who love them are here with me feeling the same way -- knowing we are where we need to be, but sending part of our hearts to be with them.

And I've been repeating to myself the lyrics from Mighty to Save. Reminding myself that my God is the Savior who can move the mountains. He is the one who conquered the grave. And he is forever and ever the one who can save.

And I'm struck-- this too is part of mission work. This is part of "leaving your father and mother" for the call of the Lord.

It is truly amazing the sacrific the missionaries make for the cause of Christ. But what I see with my friend and with the stories of many women here, it is equally amazing the sacrifice those they leave behind when the missionaries go make as well.


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