Wednesday, October 6, 2010

CCC Day 5

Things are going well at the Connection.  This was our first full day with the ladies and it was a day full of connecting with God through worship

and through taking time to process moments of definition in our lives- times when the world has seemed upside down.  But we are working through these moments to see how the hand of God did (or in some cases is) moving to bring us into closer communion with him.

And we also connected with each other through Connection groups and fellowship

and through times of prayer with one another

And it has been amazing to what these women come together and support one another.

I read a blog a while back that talks about how they put on a Brave Girl Camp.  And I think the concept behind what they do is pretty cool.  However, I'd say I'm at my own kind of Brave Girl Camp right now full of women who have left all they know- their families, their friends, their country of origin- all for the love of a Savior.  All because they deeply believe in the message of hope He has to offer and they are willing to give it all up for Him.  I am deeply honored to be here.


But for all of you who feel this may be getting a little too touchy-feely (I'm at a retreat full of spiritual women, what else do you expect!).  Here are a few shots from around town that I took with one of my teammates, Christy.  We borrowed bikes from the hotel workers (see how fabulous mine is!)

and had fun watching for cars whose drivers have no regard for human life and catching a few pictures here and there.

Oh! And we had the most amazing sunset!

A beautiful gift at the end of a beautiful day.


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