Thursday, October 7, 2010

CCC Day 6

Another amazing day!  I'm guessing it's because we finally sang "There is Sunshine in my Soul" that begged the sun to come out.  We all flocked outside during the break to soak it in.

Let's just say they weren't too happy with me when it was time to ring the bowl and have them all come inside.  Did I mention I have the job of time guru?  I guess someone filled them in on the secret that my life is run by my phone timer and they thought I would be well suited for the job.  Plus I really like to clang the singing bowl- it makes me feel all Eastern-like :)

In the evening we had a prayer walk on the beach with the women 

and had the most amazing sunset.

In case you're wondering, this is exactly how these women see me

I'm pretty sure they think I don't have a face.

And in the evening the women from Brazil sang a song for us in Portuguese that they sing in church.  When they were done the women who live in Spanish speaking countries shouted out we sing that too!  And then they sang it for us in Spanish.  I think MRCC should learn how to lead this I've always wanted to "ooooyuo!" in church.

Oh- and my friend's babies continue to do well.  If you want to see their faces while you pray for them you can watch this video.  Their mama is the one singing at the end.  Beautiful!


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