Friday, October 29, 2010

You'll find me weeping silently in the corner for the world of fashion

I know I've been pretty silent this week and even managed to some how miss Random Thought Thursday. I've been up to my eyeballs over at the new house painting so the new carpet can come in.

But that's not what this post is about.  This post is my little vocal protest of WHAT!!!!! Who in the world says this is the future of fashion

I'm sorry, but 1985 called and wants their mom-waist line pants back.  And while you're sending things back, I think I had that color of lipstick in junior high.  It didn't look good then either.

Maybe that's why Geo kept calling the show Project Runaway - because all sense of fashion done run away from Gretchen.

And further more, if You Want Me to Wear What? doesn't do a post discussing her line, I will be even further disappointed.

I'm sure it's that the judges didn't like that Mondo didn't "listen" to them and you know how those high and mighty get when they don't get listened to.  But if she is the "future of fashion," all I have to say is look for me in all sorts of out of fashion clothing.


Aubrie said...

I am so glad you posted this. Saves me the trouble. Team Mondo!

Amanda said...

I don't want to disappoint you! Is this a Project Runway thing (I never watch it, but if all the clothes are this bad, I will definitely start).

ComplyKated said...

Yes, this is the WINNER! of Project Runway. Mondo's clothes were (minus the tunic and the skull shirt which were not in my mind as tailored as his other things) actual FASHION. Gretchen's - at the end of it I can't believe I watched the whole thing only to see her win.

Amanda said...

This was the winner? Wow. That's sad. I'll have to catch that episode.

Tamra said...

Oh my word! I watched in shock and horror and made the same comments as you regarding "the future of fashion." As much as I hate to side with JS -- who probably could've found something better to wear for her guest judge spot during fashion week -- I can't believe Heidi didn't put her foot down and trump MK and NG on this one!

Mandy said...

I agree about the clothes being bad, but I loved the hair and makeup!

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