Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Recap

I've managed to surface from new-house-painting long enough to sit and watch the election results with LK and catch up on both my blogging and reading of others blogs.

So, better two days late than never- a Halloween Recap.

ISH was watching a Special Agent OSO and started asking to carve a pumpkin (OSO makes it look so easy).  What OSO didn't talk about was the smell, which apparently ISH found repulsive.

So he sat back and let other de-gut the pumpkins

LK helped some with the gutting as well

ISH did get a bit more excited when I gave him a pen and told him to draw what he wanted me to carve.

We all decided ISH's was channeling his inner Picasso (or his inner Uncle Bruce-- for those who know my roady artist uncle- you would agree).  Geo wanted his to be cat-like.

And for costumes- Geo has been wanting to be Dry Bones since November 1, 2009.  So after looking around I was thankfully able to find an idea to jump off of for his costume.  And since November 1, 2009, ISH has wanted to be Luke Skywalker from Episode VI when he meets Jabba the Hutt.  So.. drum roll please ... here are their costumes for this Halloween 2010.

Hope your Halloween was full of fun and candy!


Tarren and Erin said...

What!? I think the smell of pumpkin guts is so good. It reminds me of my childhood and carving pumpkins. Hopefully it will grow on him.

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