Monday, November 22, 2010

TSA a follow up thought

I know, I know, I just published something on the TSA all but moments ago.  But then Yahoo News had to go and post and article with the statement:
A year ago, [authorities] prevented a Christmas Day attempt to blow up a flight to Detroit with a bomb hidden in a passenger's clothes.
For the record- the authorities let the one-way-ticket-buying, pay-in-cash, on-a-watch-list, no-luggage-carrying, would-be bomber on board.  The would-be attack could have been prevented not by backscatters and shouldn't-you-buy-me-dinner-first pat downs but by the authorities actually paying attention to the flags raised by the systems already in place. 

And for the record it was not the authorities who stopped the would-be attack.
Abdulmutallab spent about 20 minutes in the bathroom as it approached Detroit, and then covered himself with a blanket after returning to his seat. Other passengers then heard popping noises, smelled a foul odor, and some saw Abdulmutallab’s trouser leg and the wall of the plane on fire. Fellow passenger Jasper Schuringa, a Dutch film director, jumped on Abdulmutallab and subdued him as flight attendants used fire extinguishers to douse the flames.[118]
Stepping down off my soap box for a little while now,


Summer Dawn said...

Preach it girl! This stuff is RIDICULOUS!

Luke Hartman said...

Not only was the TSA not effective in this case, but even if they were, it seems fairly likely he couldn't have brought down the plane anyways.

It seems, also, that some TSA workers don't enjoy their job. It encourages me to get a encourage awkwardness.

Gena said...

I can not imagine a pat down, but am tempted to try it next week. Wonder what's going to happen with the opt-out Wednesday? Interesting.

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