Friday, November 19, 2010

Pardon Me While I Zip Back Up

Thanks for indulging me in my little electronic transparency last night.  I don't often let it all hang out like that- but I suppose that means I'm trusting you more :)

Frankly, I'm going to blame it all on the leaves.

We have a showing today (pray for a sale!) and with the way the wind has been sweeping down the plains, the black jack oaks in the front yard had dumped a load of leaves.  (I never thought I would long for the tree-less days of MWC).  I knew by the time LK (who is normally captain of raking around these parts) got home it would be too dark for any real productive work on the leaves and I wanted the house to look great for this afternoon.

I know that leaves make me sick, I know that an hour and half with my face in them and I my brain would no longer be getting adequate oxygen.  But with the desire for a leaf-less lawn and the captain out of pocket- what else was I to do?

I guess my impromptu leaf-mold shield was not as effective as planned.  Basically all it did was have the neighbors wondering if I've converted.


Michelle said...

Much more atractive than the hospital masks :)

I do want you to know I always read your blog but rarely comment because it seems I am usually nursing when doing so. Not tonight, they are all sound asleep after an exciting game night over here! Blessings-M

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