Saturday, November 27, 2010

I think Jason Mraz is stalking me

Or maybe it's just the 14 hour painting spree I've just come off of. (It's very possible that this blog post will go unfinished because my hands will leave in protest of still being used now that I'm back at Old House).

Why might I think he stalking me? Because no matter what Pandora station I listened to today he kept showing up- Hip Hop (yes, I listen to Hip Hop), The Killers station, Folk- doesn't seem to matter he is always there. So clearly he is either the common denominator of all music genres or ... a Pandora restraining order against him might be necessary.

Other thoughts that I have from spending 14 hours with my Pandora account and paint

1. After prolonged exposure to Counting Crows from various live recordings, I think it is quiet possible that Adam Duritz may one day start lowly committing suicide on stage mid-concert and no one will really be shocked given the tone of his live concerts.

2. Does anyone think Justin Timberlake sounds Michael Jackson-esque in Rock Your Body?  Maybe that was what he was going for but close your eyes and think about it.

3. I plugged in Human to Pandora (Because I hadn't heard it awhile and so I put it on, that's why) and everything that came back sounded like it belonged on some sort of movie sound track or at least a Scrubs episode.

And now I'm off to talk LK into massaging my right thumb a bit more.  If by chance this post makes no sense to you, let's blame it paint.


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