Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Simple Way to Learn a Foreign Language

The boys like to listen to a CD before going to bed.  On Monday, Wednesday and Friday Geo chooses the CD and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday ISH does (Sunday night, everyone's favorite Parent's Choice Night).

For a few nights of Geo's choosing he selected the Learn to Speak Russian CD that he got awhile back in his Chick-Fil-A kids meal.  I didn't really think much of it- after all I had tried in 8th grade to memorize a scene from Romeo and Juliet I had put off learning until the night before by listening to a recorded section of the play over and over again while I slept and that didn't really seem to work- but today as Geo walked by and randomly muttered Russian to me, I started thinking that there might be something to subliminal learning.

So here's how you do it-
Step 1: Get a CD
Step 2: Play it while you're asleep.

I mean, it seemed to work for Geo.  Now, anyone else have any foreign language CDs we can add to the rotation?  Maybe something a bit more useful than Russian?


Syed Housein said...

I'm glad to see children learning a foreign language at a young age. Learning a language such as Russian can be quite challanging.

Laura Bull said...

I think you should most definitely add some Spanish into the mix :)

ComplyKated said...

Somehow I feel that would be more productive than Russian, unless I'm raising a 1985 CIA agent, in that case Russian would be very needed.

The nice part is he actually gets Spanish in school- starting at kindergarten. Now I'm the one who needs to sleep listening to Spanish because I have no idea what he's saying :)

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