Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I was a bit skeptical when Geo asked to join boy scouts.  I mean- this is my kid that hates being outside.  So does he realize that outside is what the boy scouts are?

But this past weekend that same hate-the-outside-kid opted to go camping over trick or treating around the neighborhood.

I can only remember in-tent camping two other times in my life.  Once when I was sometime around 8 when we were visiting my grandparents at their lake lot.  We caught a turtle and named it Sara.  Dad explained that Sara could not be kept (why I can't now remember) and that he would buy us a turtle when we got home.  Little did he know turtles were, at that time, against the law to sell in our home state.

The second in-tent-camping experience I can remember is when Geo was 11 months old and me, LK, a baby Geo and four other friends drove all night from Memphis to Biloxi in hopes of camping on the beach.  Did you know camping on the beach is verboten in Biloxi?  We didn't either.  So instead we camped at a KOA with the fire ants and attempted to make s'mores with heat from the car heater.  That one was really a special adventure.

So given those experiences, I didn't really know what to expect. But- he loved it!  And me- I loved spending two nights in a 2 man tent with my 4 favorite people.  I loved ISH sharing his blakenty with me during the night and him singing children songs in my ear when he woke up.  I loved watching Geo be all boy - running through the creek and throwing things in the fire - with the other boys and looking up with him at the clearest, starriest sky I have ever seen.

So, dare we say it- we may just find ourselves camping again sooner than 2016.

A few pics from the weekend:

A beautiful sunset on our way to Camp George Thomas

A late night tent set up

Outside our tent on a lovely 42 degree morning

The Scouts and doing a disability awareness activity (the kid with his bandana up was practicing his hearing disability I suppose)

Nature time and the world's most patient Scout leader.

One happy cub scout


Luke Hartman said...

Yea! A great time was had by all! Glad you and your four favorite people had a great weekend :-)

Now we just need to get our own camping supplies

ptagoddess said...

What wonderful memories. Loved camping with my family...until I was about 16 and just wanted to stay home, but still had fun when I went. I think I need a refresher course in your form of mathematics, though.

ComplyKated said...

Oh dear- LK had to explain to me what you meant by mathematics. You mean how I'm in a tent with my 4 favorite people? Yes, well... I guess there's something we need to tell you .... ;)

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