Monday, January 17, 2011

Ask First

LK and I spent Saturday in CPR training so we could be in compliance with a program we're involved with. One of the things that the instructors told us as we discussed choking and other first aid situations is that when someone is in distress but still conscious you must first identify yourself and ask if you can help.

"I'm training in first aid. Can I help you?"

Keep in my the person could be turning blue or could have cut their arm off and be standing there in total shock- but even then, if conscious, they have to be given the right to refuse. Because sadly, even with one less limb attached, they may not want to be helped.

And, if they refuse, all you can do is stand there until their problem is solved, they accept your help, or until they pass out.

That night, following training, as I surveyed the room of the building LK and I were in, looking at all the people there (praying I did not have to utilize any of these new skills on real people), it struck me how true the whole "ask first" rule is in life problems as well.

I've been in conversations where emotionally someone stands before me choking to death on their own problems. But, until they are ready to accept the help I can give, all my training is useless.


Donna said...

WOW! So true. Too bad often we waste words and energy on people who really are not ready to get help for their problems. A good reminder. Maybe we should actually verbalize the question to those seeking all kinds of help.

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