Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Last Night

In a few short hours we will go back to Old House to spend our last night there.  The movers come tomorrow to clear it out and bring everything to New House so we can stop sleeping on air mattresses.

The past month hasn't been bad though. In fact, LK aired my bed up nicely last night and it so it was almost like a real mattress.  But, still, I get this gitty little feeling when I think THE BEDS ARE COMING TOMORROW!

But Old House was a nice place.  In Old House we grew closer as a family- and LK and I learned so much as a couple.  I started my company in Old House.  We had many friends, old and new, over at Old House.  I learned to play the guitar in Old House.  I re-discovered my style in Old House.  And while it seems a bit melodramatic- I think I found a greater part of myself while living there.

Memphis will also be special because it was my first house. But Old House, it was my sanctuary for three good years.  I'm going to be elated to say the least when I sign on the line and relinquish my Land Baroness status- but yes, there will be part of me that will always miss that house.


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