Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blast Off!

We had a busy weekend full of five-year-olds, birthday fun, family, and the debut of the Rockets!  If you look closely you'll see Gray # 3 skipping (dare I say dancing) down the court and the occasional stare off into the stratosphere.  But overall the team did great and Geo even had two assists!  And even though Upward Sports doesn't keep score for the 2nd/3rd grade team Geo logged every shot and proudly announced they won by 2.

He even gets a few dribbles in on this one.  If you listen close you can hear the coaches calling trying to get his attention (to no real success.)

Oh and look around 2 minutes in to see a kid have the ball bounce out of his hands and hit himself on the head-- and no, it wasn't my kid.


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