Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Last night I finally carved out some time to sit down with my new Bernina. It's not new new, but it was my grandmothers and when she passed away this fall my aunt thought I would have some real fun with it.

But then it sat in my laundry room for over 2 months.

Over Christmas I determined that the only way I would really make time to use it would be to get it out where I would see it. So I claimed a small corner of my office for sewing. (no comments on the fact that I will see something when in my office 20xs more than I will see it in my laundry room.)
I had originally made the table to hide the dog's cage underneath but then found another spot for her that she likes better.  I can store my fabric underneath the skirt and for a seat I'm using the stool from my grandmother's house that my dad remembers climbing on as a child.  It's made for a nice little spot for crafting.

So last night I finally got the time to sit down and see what she could do.
Oh my goodness my aunt was right!  This is going to be fun.  Look at these amazing stitches the machine can do!

I used a different colored thread on the bobbin so I could see how it stitches as well and I think the look turned out pretty fun. Kind of Southwest-like in these colors.
It was too much not to do a project last night.  So I rummaged through my scraps to see what I might have that would be big enough for a project.
And I was able to find enough neutral canvas to pair with some dishtowels I'd bought at Target so I could make this dishtowel apron.

The original blog calls for regular fabric for the ties but I didn't have enough pretty fabric on hand (and it was already too late to go and procure some).  But I did have plain canvas and a fun new machine.  So I made my own embroidery on the canvas.

I did the two colored stitching like with my test fabric- orange in the bobbin and pink on the top.  I'm pretty pleased with the results.

Here's how the whole thing looks.
And I know so you don't have to tell me that the whole apron of the pants look went out in 2004.  I know that. But I have to say, I'm liking the versatility of the look. 

What I mean is, I am a professional and I'm a mom.  I work from home and at any time could be meeting with clients or frankly when I'm at the grocery store or anywhere, everyone I meet is a potential client and so I need to look nice.  However, I'm a full time, from home mom, so power suits and office attire doesn't really work either.  But the apron- this apron over a plain white shirt and pair of jeans and the look becomes something so much more than a white shirt and jeans.  It's like a scarf for my belly. See:

Thanks to LK for taking the picture.  And I either chopped the head off because a) it's a paper doll effect where you can put your head on the picture and see if you like the look for yourself or b) I thought my face looked goofy.  Your choice.

I'm looking forward to many more fun sewing projects!


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