Sunday, January 1, 2012

In The Beginning

It's 2012. January 1 of 2012 to be precise. It's the time when people wake up and think of new beginnings and all the things they promise to do differently next time.

I'm not sure why people need to make resolutions on January 1- but I do know the gym will be much busier with all the new resolutioners... for at least a month.

I guess that's why I'm not one who's much for resolutions-- they are almost always broken.

And there is such an expectation for them to be made in the first place. Jan 1- must resolve something. And if there is one thing you should know about me from the onset it's that I have the complete and total inability to do what I feel I must do. (This is the same reason I can't bring myself to follow The Pioneer Women-- no offense to her but everyone's "oh you'd looooove her. Really- you should." And it makes me not be able to do it. I'm sure this offense her greatly. Comply- who? she'd say.)

So no resolutions. No me saying flat out here is what will or won't be done this year. After all, on any given day I could have a child placed with us and then all those thoughts of what I will or I won't in 2012 will likely be out the window or at the very least forgotten from being thrown back in to the world of sleepless nights.

Instead, I give you my list of things I'd like to see what this year or for some of them, things I'm beginning to think I might want to do this year.
  1. Continuing running. Me running comes as a huge shock to anyone who knew me before 2011.  I use to say I would only run if someone was chasing me with a knife.  And it had to be a knife because if they had a gun I might run and then they'd shoot me and so it'd be all for not.  But in 2011 I started running.  First to try and encourage the teenager who was living with us to a healthier lifestyle but I continued running when Geo decided he wanted to run a 5k in April.  As the mother of boys, I need know it will be important that we have something we can connect through as each year he gets a little older.  At his pace the 5k will take 40 minutes.  This month we'll be up to running 25 minutes.  Running is still difficult for me in that I normally don't want to go out and do it.  I have to make myself do it.  But as Geo said in our last run of 2011, "It's always hard when we start, but by the end, it's so much easier."  Good life lesson Geo.
  2. Figure out my new sewing machine.  When my grandmother passed away in October, I got her Bernina sewing machine.  And on Pinterest I've found lots of lovely sewing projects.  I want to actually do them this year and not just pin them for some day (though some of the kids clothes will have to wait until we know what gender is coming our way).
  3. Play the guitar more. I just flat didn't make time for that in 2011.  I'd like to change that in 2012.
  4. Grow out my hair again. (This is the one I'm only beginning to think I might want to consider doing) This is probably a pretty funny thing to say from someone who shaved her head by mistake this summer.  But I've had short hair for 5 years running now and that's a long time for me to do anything the same. (I can't even keep my furniture in the same room for 1/5 that time).  The last time I grew it out was to donate it and maybe that's where I'll go with this again.  And maybe I won't grow it out at all.  What do you think- to grow out? Or not to grow out?
  5. Read the Bible. I was raised in a Christ-centered family and have attended church my whole life (minus a few less than wonderful years in college).  This has been a true, full-on resolution in years past and true to resolutions, I've never done it.  But I think it's pretty pathetic that someone who has been in a faith community for as long as I have has not read the Bible all the way through (even the slow parts like Leviticus and the Chronicles).  I used the Blue Letter Bible app this morning and it let's you save notes from the read.  I might post them here- not because I'm a Biblical scholar and what I think will change the world.  But posting what I think may firstly keep me more accountable to following through (ugh- "accountable" stated on January 1- that sounds like a real resolution doesn't it.) and secondly- I'm interested to know what you think on the notes.  Interested in guidance from others and your thoughts as I work my way through book by book.
So there they are.  Five things to aim for this year.  Four and 1/4 if you take my whole hair growing thing to it's proper place in importance.  Pretty manageable it seems. And there are a few personal ones not listed.  If you'd like to know them, you'll have to call me up for coffee.

So what about you- are you a resolutioner?  Do you have any for 2012?

Or are you a bit more like me- no resolutions, just "aims" of where to head.  Where are you heading in 2012?


Don said...

I'm not a resolutioner either. Aims are a better concept and I do have those, but I revisit those pretty frequently.

S said...

you crack me up. Youversion has a great daily bible reading app - several different plans. pretty cool.
I love my Bernina! I got Nanny Louise's old one. The manual is super helpful. good luck!
My favorite resolution was "be kind to myself." My second favorite was "floss every day." :)

Tarren and Erin said...

Oooh, I say grow the hair out. I have never seen you with long hair. I did make a resolution to floss my teeth everyday once in college and I did it. It made me into a daily flosser which unfortunately I hadn't been before. Resolutions can bring change if you stick to them.

Michelle said...

Great post Kate. I am more of an aimer too, although maybe if I write down my aims and pin them up in the bathroom I will not forget them. I was shocked to read the running comment. I will fall over if you say you are training for a marathon. Maybe Geo will be a xcountry runner someday, I could totally see that :) Blessings friend

Chellie said...

I tend not to do resolutions either. Last year I did one to not shop at Target for a month.. that's about as deep as I get.
I think it would be cool to see you grow your hair out.. although I really LOVE your haircut.

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