Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thoughts from Genesis 1 - 3

Genesis 1
V 2- Sometimes my life seems formless but I must remember, even in the moment of darkness and formless waiting- the Spirit is moving around me and great things are bound to begin in due time. Wait for it! Creation did not rush the Creator- it waited in the void for him to call it forth. It waited to be made just as he wanted it, in the order he wanted it.

V 16- Like the moon and the sun, women and men- one lesser and one greater- both still are vitally important. And the moon, while "lesser" controls the tides, which control so many other events. While "lesser" the moon is no less powerful when acting in its God-given roll.

Genesis 2
V 3 I need to do a better job at taking a sabbath rest.

V5 God had not allowed rain because there was no man to cultivate the ground. All in God's time. All in God's way.

V18 God sees man should not be alone but only after man names all the animals- all! of them. Only after man sees the animals having the companionship he doesn't, only then does God give his what he needs. (see Donald Miller lecture in OKC circa 2009).

V25 when I am where God wants me to be, when I find my confidence and my worth by looking only in to Him- when I see myself as a beautiful creature He made and loved, then my insecurities have no power over me.

Genesis 3
V6: Was Adam with Eve in the garden when she was tempted? Did she turn to him and give it to him? Or did she go and find him to give it? Either way- shows the importance of the husband helping the wife learn what is best- God gave the instructions to Adam--- did he not pass this on to her?

V16 It is part of the curse of Eve that I will want to control my husband, but just like the pain of childbirth- the pain that comes emotionally from wanting to control him and not doing it is expected. And like childbirth, with proper self control, this pain, this desire to control him, can be managed.


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