Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Genesis 4-15

Genesis 4
V 1 wow. Eve thinks she has created man and just as God did. Lord help me never to look at what I have done and think it is as good as you could do. And as with Eve - help me not to look at a miracle you do and try to take credit for it.

Genesis 5
From Adam to the birth of Shem, Ham, and Japeth

Genesis 6
v 15 the ark is 450' long x 75' w x 45' tall.

That's big!

Genesis 11
From Noah to Abram

Genesis 15
V2-3, 8 I love that Abram, a righteous man, the man God uses to kick start the convenient Christ fulfills, questions God and asks boldly for what he wants.

God still works in his way and his timing but he listens to Abram's request. Help me to remember that you listen to mine as well.


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