Sunday, January 8, 2012

Making Pretty Magnets

I spent some down time during the Christmas break on Pinterest racking up crafts I want to do. Which got the creative juices going in overdrive.

The problem is - it's busy season at work which means less time to do things (like even the laundry, let alone crafting) and I still haven't figured out this new sewing machine. And the really big problem is that once these juices start going- they have to go somewhere. And if they can't go into DIYs- they start coming out in things like turquoise nail polish (done) or me wanting to dye blue streaks in my hair (don't worry I haven't... yet).

I knew times were getting desperate- as in I was really studying the blue hair dye the last time I was at the store and trying to figure out how it could still look "normal" if a meeting with a birth mother was to come up.

I needed a project. STAT!

Enter- the broaches, magnets, and hot glue

Most of these came from cleaning out my grandma's house but some where broken pieces or ones I don't really want to wear anymore but are too pretty to give up.

First step is to pop the no-longer-needed hardware from the back.

Pretty easy. I did it while waiting in the pick up line for the kids.

With the backs off, bring on the hot glue (done at home.. I haven't attempted hot gluing in the carpool line... yet)

When the glue was dry, they were ready.

And it was time to tackle the fridge. 

LK says that refrigerators are like lawns, you either have nice clean ones, or you have kids.  We clearly have kids.

But in my mind, there is a place where kid stuff and pretty live nicely together.  And I think, with these magnets, I've come one step closer to that place.

Now, the bottom still needs reckoning- I'll have to keep you posted on that.  But, focusing on the top-  I think we're one step closer to pretty.

I think we've staved off the blue streaks- for a while at least.


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