Tuesday, May 25, 2010

God knows

This morning as I was getting ISH in the car to take him to SonShine school I remember putting my coffee mug on the roof of my car. And I remember thinking to myself in passing as I buckled in my child:
I wonder if I left this mug up here if it would slide off and smash my windshield 
but then correcting myself by thinking
why would I do that?! This is my favorite KaliKosmos Travel mug that my sweet LK had made for me. And that's my only windshield. And further more, that mug contains the caffeine goodness that is going to get me through the day. Best to not leave it on the roof of my car.*
But this was the view I saw when I got out of the car to unbuckle ISH once I arrived as SonShine school

(no wonder that mom was looking at me so strangely when I was pulling in)

"ISH!" I said. "You have to come see what's on the top of mommy's car!"

"Oh!" ISH said. "It's your coffee."

"I know," I replied. "I have no idea how it stayed up there from the house to church. That's so crazy!"

ISH thought for a minute and then replied "I think God held it up there."

"Oh?" I responded

"Yes." ISH said confidently. "He knows how much you need your coffee."

*yes, I do talk like this to myself frequently. I'm okay with it, you should be too.


Nicole Whaley said...

That is very cute. Made for a good laugh this morning. Thanks. And glad the mug survived.

Michelle said...

That is so funny! I know He knows how much I need mine!

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